• amailstripper4u (parts 1-3, clips)

    amailstripper4u (2003-2007) explores the human desire to connect and the contemporary technologies that facilitate primal exchanges. Using video footage purchased over the Internet from an anonymous amateur model named “Josh,” this video series raises questions about the significance of intimacy and sincerity in a society of celebrity, social media, and advanced capitalism. amailstripper4u : part1 offers up the series' first video, which resulted from an initial exchange with Josh, a Mid-westerner who creates and sells personalized erotic videos over the Internet. amailstripper4u : theslideshow (part 2) chronologically presents Josh’s 1000+ still images of his standardized striptease performed in various public and private locations. amailstripper4u : 4mike,4gerald,4dwight (part 3) is created from footage shot by Josh for three different recipients on multiple occasions. The most recent work in this series, 4mike,4gerald,4dwight deconstructs Josh’s striptease to highlight the routine nature of his performance and to consider the relationships formed through the production and distribution of his erotic material.