• Dream Factory

    Dream Factory / 夢ファクトリー (2007-2011) is a visual exploration of the promises and shortcomings of postwar Japan as it reflects and reinterprets the American Dream. These photographs are, without a doubt, about Japan, yet they are equally about the contemporary conditions that connect citizens of all consumerist societies. Japan, which enjoyed remarkable benefits by subscribing to American economic principles during times of prosperity, has suffered equally staggering repercussions due to fiscal hardships of the last 20 years. The recent shifts in Japan’s political leadership, the most notable changes in Japan since the end of World War II, punctuate this era and highlight the impact of the latest financial crisis. Dream Factory explores Japan, on the brink of a major transition as it is eclipsed by China in terms of global economics. By looking closely at Japan at this moment of change, this series exposes both the dazzling surface and complicated underbelly of the larger capitalist world, which Japan so powerfully magnifies.